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Unprepared Hearts


The Da'DeCe Association - I Wonder Why Association was founded in 2011 with the name De Dragul Artei, changing its name in 2013. The Association is one of the most well-known providers of educational programs on heritage and contemporary arts for children in Romania, being awarded by various institutions in the country.

Da'DeCe differentiates itself from other organizations through its more innovative programs, based on modern principles of child psychology. The Association takes into account the principle of the cross-disciplinary approach and aims to familiarize children with the cultural heritage and the contemporary arts. Within this framework, the association's programs are directly related to the cultural heritage, and most of them take place in museums in Bucharest and other major cities in Romania.

The Association continuously carries out cultural projects, the majority of them financed by non-reimbursable funds: "I like / I do not like art" (at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest and the Art Museum of Cluj) - nominated for the AFCN Awards and awarded at the Gala of the Civil Society; "Start! Children's Museum (Bucharest, Cluj and Brasov), "Museum at Hand" (Bucharest and Tulcea).

Recently, the Association has redefined its mission, changing the focus of educational services to organize projects and interactive exhibitions such as The Children's Museum: „Da'DeCe Association reinvents and adapts the concept of the Children's Museum through thematic exhibitions organised in various areas and communities. The Da'DeCe Museum is the place where heritage and contemporary arts give birth to new ideas, questions and emotions. It is the place where children engage themselves as creative and curious people, adopt new attitudes and new and responsible values regarding the heritage and explore new forms of contemporary art as part of a self-conscious community and its values. Classical or contemporary cultural values ​​become by play the proof of creativity and inspiration of children and adolescents, using digital and natural tools of co-creation, using stories, involvement, or direct contact with the heritage and meetings with artists."

With the change of the mission, the Association has also begun to develop a European dimension by bringing interactive exhibitions to cities in Europe and participating in European projects.
The members of the Da'DeCe Association, with skills and professional knowledge from very different fields, have a long working experience with the heritage. All have worked or collaborated with museums, have been involved in many types of cultural projects based on heritage or contemporary arts. In this way, the Association manages through its projects and programs to familiarize the public (children, young people and their families) with the classical and contemporary values of culture, to help them build a set of cultural values and respect and passion for patrimony and the contemporary arts.