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Unprepared Hearts


The Písek Sladovna is on a journey to create a new form of a living cultural centre where values are formed and conveyed to visitors of all ages.

We cultivate quality professional culture – in the name of anchoring value systems, ethics and social integrity – while making sure that culture is comprehensible for the general public.
We want to connect tradition with the present, art with everyday life, the city of Písek with the world through stories, images and play. Interaction and play are the main instrument for teaching, learning, connecting, inspiring and sharing joy of life.
Sladovna strives to be a space for the visitor where culture and art become a natural part of everyday life of every family.

The public service organisation Sladovna Písek was founded for the purpose of using the potential of the reconstructed building of the Písek malt house for the cultural life in Písek. The first two permanent expositions were opened in 2009.
The programme concept of the "gallery to play" that was implemented in Sladovna in 2013, significantly promoted tourism in the city.

The programme was later expanded in 2015 after the reconstruction of the central part of Sladovna was completed. There is the „Pilařiště “ exposition for children under 6 and the exposition on „Malt Production – A Tour with a Story, or Visiting the Golden Age of Brewing“ for adult visitors.

The "Gallery to play" is the main programme concept of Sladovna Písek.
The Gallery links the theme of a book illustration, as the main mission of the public service company, with what is crucial for the development of every child, and that is „play“.
The "Gallery to play" is a space where children and adults play and create together, where they learn from one another and where it is possible to freely and naturally cross the line between the world of children and adults.
We bring two to three interactive expositions a year within the "Gallery to play“ concept, including quality lecturing programmes. We train our lecturers so that they maximally fulfil the legacy of J. A. Comenius – school by play.