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Unprepared Hearts


The atelier starts with a suspended "shower of images" that represents the evolution of the planet Earth and the whole journey of humanity: from space and from the universe to the singers and actors of today in a historical trajectory, cultural, social and gender.

In a second moment the participants face themselves with a real alphabet of affectivity through the proposal of hundreds of words (verbs, nouns, adjectives ...) and deal with the inability to explain, to translate one's own thought into words and to be able to export the inside to the outside.

Before starting the practical part, dedicated to the creation of an artwork, there is a moment of focus on the self and on one's own feelings centered on inner listening.

Participants are then asked to create an object based on the representation of themselves and the external world through the graphic tecnique of embroidery. The workshop closes with a moment of reflection, sharing and return of the work done.